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Who Is This Scott Guy?

Scott VanKirk lives and writes full time in Colorado and is happily married. There he is blessed with three generations of amazing women whom he loves dearly: Virgin, Mother, and, er, the Other One.  
Amazingly enough, they put up with him.
He also has a 7lb toy poodle which he believes is karmic retribution for a previous life of sin. He has been a delivery driver, a programmer, a serial entrepreneur and now is writing full time. 

Hi, This is Scott. I'm a writer, entrepreneur, creator, and 3d printing enthusiast. Welcome to my site and please excuse my dust.  I'm busy designing, restoring, and updating it.  Hopefully, when I'm done, it will be the daily destination for tens of thousands of fans, though probably not.  Anyway, at a minimum, I'll have new book announcements and maybe the occasional 2d or 3d creation.

If you want to contact me, hit the Mail me button and have at it:

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