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Novels By R. Scott VanKirk

Ancient Enemy                                                       Ages 16+

Ancient Enemy #1

Ian Finn Morgenstern, a young man with a knack for finding things helps excavate a haunted Native American burial mound and unwittingly brings home a monstrous skull, and two magical artifacts buried for thousands of years. Now he's home and discovering that amourous intentions are not always pure, and that some things are best left buried.


First Awakening                                                      Ages 16+

Ancient Enemy #2


The Shadow' Touch
The Shadow's Touch                                                 Ages 16+​

Ancient Enemy #3

Finn's life continues to get more interesting. The after-shocks of his earlier decisions continue to cause him grief. While sharing his brain with the lusty dryad that almost killed him, his new abilities involve him in a crusade against an ancient predator of the human race and lead him to track down a serial killer unlike any other - one who cannot be seen and who cannot die.

The Templar's Legacy                                              Ages 16+

Ancient Enemy #4

Finn's unpleasant waste disposal work at Shady Oaks gets more bearable when he falls hard for Colette, a cute French intern working for Dr. Anderson. The attraction seems mutual, but Colette isn't the only one drawn to Finn. Other forces have taken note of the strange happenings in Finn's vicinity and some of them are much less pleasant than Colette.  

The Devil Made Me Do It                                        Ages 16+
The Devil's Mark #1

Maxwell Faust signed a deal with the Devil to be a rock star. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But, now he's through and has walked away from the fame and glory, but neither his loving public, nor the Devil want to let him go.


Max tries to hide in a small Mississippi town where he owns an old, decrepit mansion. Between the unusual native Mississippians of the town and the unnatural inhabitants of the mansion, Max's life takes a turn to the bizarre. 


Hi, This is Scott. I'm a writer, entrepreneur, creator, and 3d printing enthusiast. Welcome to my site and please excuse my dust.  I'm busy designing, restoring, and updating it.  Hopefully, when I'm done, it will be the daily destination for tens of thousands of fans, though probably not.  Anyway, at a minimum, I'll have new book announcements and maybe the occasional 2d or 3d creation.

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